Children’s Parties on a Budget

Save some money this year; have a party but don’t break the bank.

Email the invitiations – you can design them yourself or use pre-designed ones available onseveral packages – do a search for “invitation templates” – this method is free and you can be sure the parents get to keep a copy.

Have a party at home instead of in an expensive venue Рput a gazebo up in the garden and decorate it to provide a theme: Princesses like pink curtains (especially voille) and cushions to sit on Рadd a throne for the birthday girl Рuse a chair and tie a throw around it (Red, gold or purple) tied with ribbons. Use false tea lights to add mystery and serve juice in plastic goblets. Aliens/Spacemen like kitchen foil silver with wire ariels and tubes made to mimic spacecraft. Faries have tea surrounded by flowers Рmake large ones from crepe paper and stick them all around the house and garden! Pirates need a trunk and a treasure map Рyou can hide something for them to find in the garden too.

games5.jpgForego the entertainer and run party games yourself — there are plenty of party games ideas on this website. If the idea of 20 bored kids really terrifies you then hiring games may be a cheaper option and kids won’t have played some of these old fashioned garden games before.

Make your own decorations – this might help keep the children busy while you get on with other tasks.

Get the children to make something as part of the party entertainment – this can become their present to take home – save a fortune on party bags! One idea is to make some plaster of paris objects to paint and decorate – you’ll only need to buy a couple of latex moulds and the plaster – though admittedly¬†it needs some planning – you’ll need plenty of time in advance to make them.

Let all the children loose with some face paints – they can paint each other, their arms, legs or the dog… or perhaps not!!

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Ways to Create New Outfits
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