How to make Fairy Toadstools

These easy to make recycled toadstool seats looked amazing at my daughter’s fairy party, here’s how you can make your own.

A few months ago I was reading a lovely blog post about how to make a toadstool seat for a little girl’s bedroom and it occurred to me that to make several of them might be excessive but that it needn’t be expensive and that they would look adorable for a children’s party commercial jumping castles for sale melbourne!

Instead of the lovely chunky wood that June used for her permanent seat, we used recycled cardboard tubing that carpets come on (my local carpet shop was so delighted to get rid of some he actually delivered it to my house!) We used fabric we already owned and hardboard from the back of an old bookshelf. I found the wadding in the loft.

My husband cut several rings from some cheap hardboard we had in the shed – any wood will do – we made sure our circles weren’t too big as our wood was not too strong! I used these to determine how big I needed to cut the wadding. About an inch wider than the circles all round – if your wood is thicker than mine you might want to add a little more.

I used the cut wadding to determine how big to cut the fabric. I allowed around an inch and a half all around to allow for wraparound and a seam.

Next I made the fabric into a “shower cap” by sewing a roughly circular line all around but leaving room to insert a cord. At this point I sewed white circles randomly to the fabric tops using zig-zag stitch.

Once I had inserted a cord it was easy to see how they would attach to the wooden top; just pull the cord tight and knot… but first we had to attach the top to the carpet tubes.

Cut short lengths of baton to fit inside the tubes.

Drill into the top of the wood and screw the top into the baton.

Do the same on the sides. We only fixed in these two places. Note how little the tops were – we didn’t feel they would be strong enough if we made the tops bigger.

We ran out of time to paint the toadstools before the party but we were delighted with the results – and so was our little fairy!!

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