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Lets talk about vitamin C.

Vitamin c is a naturally occurring antioxidant. Most plants and animals are able to synthesis vitamin c from glucose, us humans lack the enzyme required for synthesis. So we have to acquire it from natural sources such as oranges and leafy green veg.

What is an antioxidant?

The science bit - antioxidants are compounds which inhibit oxidation, which is a chemical reaction that produces free radicals. Oxidation causes a chain of reactions which damages the cells of organisms. Vitamin C, otherwise known as ascorbic acid stops the chain reactions from happening.

You with me?

So when might oxidation occur?

When the skin is exposed to UV light it causes oxidative stress, and free radicals are formed. We don't like free radicals!! The vitamin C comes along and neutralizes the free radicals. If the free radicals were left to their own devices they would damage our skin cells and therefore accelerate skin aging. This is also why you should always use a sun screen which contains vitamin c.

Vitamin c is also essential for collagen production, it helps the fibroblast cells to increase type 1 and 3 levels of collagen and also helps in the cross linking. If you suffer from melasma, vitamin c could really help you as vitamin c decreases melanin production. People who suffer from acne and rosacea will also see an improvement after using vitamin c as it has an anti-inflammatory affect. Vitamin c also supports our immune system by supporting various cellular functions.

Sounds good right?? Obviously I am going to advocate a healthy diet and encourage you to take regular exercise but if you wanted to boost levels of vitamin c, how are you going to do it? If you take a oral supplement its pretty well known that by the time its travels through your gut its not as potent as we would like when it reaches the skin. So the best and quickest way of getting it into the skin is by applying it topically.

Now there are probably hundreds of products on the market which contain vitamin c it really is a mind field when you are trying to pick products. Well I'm going to let you in to a massive secret....make sure you tell all your mates!!

Most of these products will not be beneficial, as we know vitamin c is really unstable. So when its exposed to light or air it stops being able to function. Therefore it will not be working when applied to your skin. If the serum is an orange or brownish colour its been oxidised. When its oxidised it loosing all its magical powers. For me the best product out there is made by Alumier MD, its called Ever Active C&E, if you would like more information about this product drop me an email. In a nutshell that's vitamin c. If you would like to discuss it further, or you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks for reading

Jess xx

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